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Personal Training

1 on 1 instruction

Virtual App Based Training

Done on your own time using the power of our unique follow along app. A fully customized program to correct imbalances and increase performance.

Online Virtual training

Train from the safety of your home with an individual instructor or with a small group of other online participants.

Personal Training

Emphasis on Personal

Personal Training is just that. Individualized training to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


It all starts with an initial 60 minute assessment session.


We will start by talking about your goals and what brought you to Gillham Fitness in the first place . Then we use the power of slow motion video analysis to uncover imbalances or movement faults so we can work together to improve your structure, durability and fluidity. This analysis and following personalized programming ultimately leads to better feeling/more secure joints and improved performance across many domains.


After that you will be coached through a brief workout to see how you move through space in real time. At the end of the session we will recap what we discovered in the session and discuss next steps. You will leave with new information about yourself as well as feeling phenomenal from an invigorating workout.


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